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Project Description

Event Brief

Metal Seinen participated in ‘Bahria Basant Festival 2016’. Our stall had artists drawing chibi caricatures of people who agreed to get their caricatures made. We had a good response from people as they got introduced to this art form.

We would like to thank Mr. Imran Ali (Manager Business Incubation Centre, at Bahria) for inviting us to the event, our founder Mr. Zeeshan for motivating us, Ms. Maheen Zahid for all the preparation/printing/crafting, our artists Moiz Sarfraz, Namerah A. Khan, Amal Tariq and Naqi Hassan, and our ‘Quicksilver’ cosplayer Zeerak Khan

See what happened at the event!

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Metal Seinen team

Maheen Zahid, Moiz Sarfraz, Namerah A. Khan, Taimur A. Khan, Zeerak Khan, Shoaib Ali, Fahad Zaki, Naqi Hassan and Amal Tariq. (Photo credits: Maheen Zahid, Fahad Zaki and Taimur A. Khan)