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Project Description

Event Brief

Metal Seinen held their seminar: S3: Seinen Seminar Series: ‘Art: From Passion to Profession’, on creating video games and comics, on January 8th, 2016, at Lincoln Corner, at PACC.

This free-to-attend seminar provided an opportunity for people to learn from the Pros, as they shared their journey, their hurdles, and how they overcame them. Every session followed an engaging Q&A session where people asked questions about turning their hobby into their career.

The Hosts

Our hosts for the seminar were Mr. Zeeshan Shah (Founder, Metal Seinen) and Mr. Amal Tariq (Core-Member, Metal Seien).

A wide variety of people including students, professional and aspiring artists, attended the seminar & learned about:
> Creating video games
> Creating comics

The Speakers

1) Umar Nizamani, Co-founder & CTO of Nerdiacs (www.nerdiacs.com), creators of the iOS game ‘Death Mile’ (http://apple.co/1TrOtDI)
2) Imran Azhar, CEO of AZCorp, publisher of “ TEAM MUHAFIZ ”

We would like to thank our speakers Mr. Umar and Mr. Imran for giving us their valuable time and the amazing people at the Lincoln Corner at the PACC: Mr. Arshad Nadeem (Executive Director), Ms. Anum Urooj and Ms. Amna Khan.

We would also like to thank Mr. Mitsuaki Tosa (Director of JICC) for acceptaing our invitation and attending the seminar.

Special thanks to Ms. Li Ping Lo (Cultural Attache) at U.S. Consulate General Karachi for helping us connect with the right people to make this seminar possible.

> Note: Refreshments were provided by ‘ Amato – Guilty Confections ‘

From the event

There are very few people in Pakistan putting in the effort for the youth to grow and learn and I am very happy that a wonderful team like yours is out there going the extra mile for our youth
Umar Nizamani