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Metal Seinen works on creating visual art projects in the digital medium.  Our projects typically focus on pop cultural elements. In the past, we have created comics, manga and anime music videos. We have worked with the local underground music community on music blogs(Iron Markhor) and with local musicians to create instrumental music(ReckoningStorm)

We have recently started working on graphic visual novels. These are interactive games featuring mostly static graphics with minimal game play. These games allow a focus on story lines and characters.

Our visual art projects are self funded and often has valuable contribution from volunteers. Other visual art projects we have worked on are short video logs, which can be seen on our Facebook page ,and our Audio Podcasts Series.

We believe there is a dearth of representation of the subcontinent in the pop culture segment globally. Our goal is to use this visual art form to visualize the stories from the subcontinent. Our intent is to equip individuals with the skills required for greater career success in the visual arts category. This allows individuals with an interest in writing, drawing, making music and game development to practice their skills while representing their respective culture globally.

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Metal Seinen provides mentor-ship opportunities for individuals who would like to learn as well as those who would like to teach. We coordinate with both speakers and individuals and understand interest areas.

Generally we deal with guiding individuals on the drawing & writing of comics.  Our intent is to allow individuals a platform where they can explore what interests them. This can include writing a music blog on underground metal bands to hosting a podcast. We also discuss career paths for individuals and provide recommendations given global trends.

Speakers can approach us if they want to participate in guiding younger members or overseeing someones project. This guidance is mostly done over the internet. Milestones and follow ups are managed by senior Metal Seinen members.  Speakers often participate in the Speaker Series. These sessions are often hosted by our friends at the Lincoln Corner, at the Japanese Cultural Center or the Nest I/O.

“Speaking at the Zindan Seminar in Karachi was the highlight of my trip to Pakistan. The MS team was very professional and so the entire experience was great. I would love to travel back soon for another event” – Khurram Ansari Mehtabdin – Creator Of Zindan’ the comic

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Metal Seinen has been hosting cultural events since 2006. Our first event was an ‘anime convention‘ hosted at the SZABIST Karachi campus. It was the first of its kind where a number of enthusiasts came together.

From that time, we have hosted a number of events going from anime conventions which brought together anime hobbyists to a cultural event ‘Dekho Japan’ which was supported by the Japanese Cultural Center Karachi and brought together a wide range of audiences. Our goal had been to expose these different audiences to pieces of global pop culture whether its Japanese, American or Korean leading to greater acceptance of visual arts as a possible career.

We have hosed our own events and have participated on invitation.

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Building Communities Over the Years

Our group works as a tight knit group with an open door policy. Individuals are invited to come visit us and see whether they are interested in working more with us. More often than not, people tend to stick around and work on projects :). This has made for stronger bonds between members and thus a stronger community

We believe in women empowerment

In our experience, the best members we have had over the years have been women. We have worked with a diverse set of individuals. They have worked on our art projects professionally and have been very important in our event management.One of our goals is to provide more paid opportunities in our visual arts projects

Enhancing Creativity

Metal Seinen is a platform which allows room for failure allows individuals to work on new challenges within their comfort zone. Most people never work out of their comfort zone and thus never experience new things. We strive to provide a safe environment where people can learn new things and see if they can make it a career providing for themselves and their families.